Carbon Fiber Angles

Stock carbon fiber angles can be easily used to get started with composites. Strong, lightweight carbon fiber angles allow you to strengthen corners and even build box structures. Composite Resources can even custom cut stock angles to the length you need. Need something other than 90 degree angle? Ask us!

Carbon Fiber Sheets

High quality carbon fiber sheets are often your first step in utilizing composite materials. Carbon fiber sheets can reduce weight and add strength to your project or part. Composite Resources offers stock carbon fiber sheets but we can cut them to almost any size you need.

Carbon Fiber Solid Rods

Composite Resources offers a line of stock precsion manufactured, solid, composite carbon fiber rods. Built to exact dimensions, these rods are engineered to specific characteristics. Of course, they can be customized to meet your needs. Just ask us.

Carbon Fiber Tubes

Stock Carbon Fiber Tubes are one of the most popular stock products. But Composite Resources Carbon Fiber Tubes are not like those of other manufacturers. Our tubes are built strong, to precision specifications. And you can expect to receive the same precision and quality in each order from Composite Resources.

Combat Application Tourniquet®

The Combat Application Tourniquet® is the most respected prehospital tourniquet in the world. Proven 100% effective by the U.S. Army this tourniquet has saved untold lives in both combat and civilian EMS environments.

GraviGate™ Safety Gates

The GraviGate™ is an elegant solution to a multitude of safety needs. This durable, self-closing gate meets OSHA standard 1910.32a and is ideal for staircases or any openings that need an automatically closing gate. Using a patented hinge design, the GraviGate™ closes automatically using nothing but gravity. There are no springs to wear out or power needed to use this gate.