Composite engineering company Composite Resources has announced the arrival and implementation of a new, large-scale autoclave.


Rock Hill, South Carolina, November 25, 2013—

The successful operation of any manufacturing company requires the use of many tools and technologies—and for companies like Composite Resources, those tools and technologies just keep proliferating. The Rock Hill, South Carolina-based company has announced the procurement and implementation of a new autoclave, which will play a key role in boosting the company’s standards of quality and efficiency.

Kevin Bialas, the company’s Product Development and Engineering Manager, explains that an autoclave is essentially a pressurized oven—and, that it is an integral part of any composite manufacturing line. “When we make composite parts, pressure helps to consolidate the various layers of fabric,” he remarks. What this means is that the autoclave improves the quality of the parts manufactured; additionally, this new autoclave heightens the company’s efficiency.

“This is not our first autoclave, but it is our largest,” Bialas continues. Indeed, the latest addition to Composite Resources’ equipment line-up is eight feet in diameter, and seventeen feet deep. It joins the company’s three-foot by five-foot autoclave, and has the capacity to cure materials up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 150 PSI. “What this larger autoclave means for our company is that we can cure a lot more parts, at one time, and also that we can cure much larger parts. It significantly expands the range of possibilities, in terms of what we can manufacture and how quickly,” notes Bialas.

Autoclaving is not the only process method employed by Composite Resources, but it is an important process method within the aerospace sector. Bialas also notes that, while most composite manufacturing companies have autoclaves, not many of them have such large autoclaves. “This is essentially the largest sized autoclave one is likely to find outside of truly massive engineering companies, like Boeing, and it speaks to our drive to provide big capabilities, even as a relatively small company.”

The new Composite Resources autoclave is a U.S.-built project, purchased from the Georgia-based American Autoclave.