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Our Carbon Fiber Composite Sheets give you a lightweight advantage, at a fraction of the weight of comparably sized metal sheets.

Composite Resources carbon fiber panels are lightweight yet strong on performance. Expect outstanding thermal resistance, superb tensile strength and increased stiffness. 

We manufacture our top-quality Carbon Fiber Composite Sheet Stock from high tensile-strength twill carbon fiber fabric prepreg. for a beautifully smooth and sleek matte finish on both sides.

No further finishing is required, although additional finishes, custom sizes and no-cost design consultations are available through our Custom Order services.

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Product Details:

Our carbon fiber sheet is composed of high strength 2x2 twill carbon fiber fabric and a binding matrix of epoxy. Count on our sheets to provide incredible strength and stiffness, outperforming conventional structural metals.

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  • High Strength Carbon Fiber Sheet
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 12 in., 24 in.
  • Width: 12 in., 24 in., 48 in.
  • Thickness: 0.027 in., 0.054 in., 0.081 in.
  • Fiber Type: Standard Modulus
  • Matrix Type: Epoxy
  • Fiber Orientation: 0°/90°
  • Fiber Tensile Strength: 512 - 660 ksi
  • Fiber Modulus: 32 - 34 msi
  • Fiber Density: 0.063 lb./cu in.
  • Laminate Density: 0.057 lb./cu in.
  • Finish: Gloss

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