Composite Resources has received a perfect score in its 2013 ISO audit—a rarity among manufacturing companies.

Rock Hill, South Carolina, August 28, 2013—

Composite Resources has completed the annual audit required to maintain its ISO certification—and, in a true rarity among manufacturing companies, it has received a perfect score. ISO, an international business organization that seeks to preserve baseline standards of quality and transparency across different industries, found no non-conformances, either in Composite Resource’s manufacturing center or in its business office. The results of the audit confirm that Composite Resources is steadfast in its devotion to quality.

“ISO certifies companies across all difference industries, and conducts annual audits to ensure that their high standards are being maintained,” explains Bill Edwards, Quality Manager at Composite Resources. “It is uncommon for companies to pass the audit with zero non-conformances—and the fact that we did just proves how detail-oriented we are, how serious we take these standards.”

Operations Manager Donnette Brock agrees. “The ISO audit is not something we do just for the paperwork,” she says. “We take it seriously. ISO helps us to make quality products and to provide the best value to our clients, which is the most important thing to us. We welcome these annual checks, and utilize them to ensure we are meeting our own high standards.”

ISO upholds international standards, ensuring that companies maintain the integrity of their products and services. Composite Resources maintains ISO 9001:2008 certification, the organization’s baseline. Additionally, Composite Resources is AS9100 certified, an additional quality distinction that applies to companies in the aerospace sector.

“These annual audits are held to ensure that our products are what we say they are, and that they are made from the materials we say they are made from,” Edwards affirms. “ISO ensures that we are procuring our materials from reputable, approved vendors, and also that we have the right quality assurance and inspection procedures in place. Not only do the ISO auditors check things like our material selection process and our purchasing tendencies, but even our HR compliance.”

Edwards also notes that Composite Resources’ perfect ISO score is good news for its clients and customers. “This gives our customers the assurance that we’re doing everything possible to keep standards high, and it ultimately saves them money in the long run,” Edwards explains. “ISO compliance enables us to provide our products as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”